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Terms of Use

Cancellation of Reservation:

In case you choose to cancel your booking with uniHALLS, you will not get your deposit returned to you.

General Safety Rules:

Residents must comply with ALL safety and fire rules of uniHALLS. More specifically, the following are forbidden:

  • Electrical appliances
    Unplug all appliances when you have finished using them or when not in use. Electric heaters / stoves / air heaters, electric blankets and electric heaters are prohibited.
  • Smoking
    Smoking is prohibited in every room of the suite and in all common areas.
  • Fire/Cake fireworks
    The Lighting of firesor any action that can activate the fire alarm system is strictly prohibited.
  • Hazardous ItemsThe possession of firearms, knives, flammable gas, hazardous or flammable materials of any kind is strictly forbidden.


  • For any damage caused to the premises of uniHALLS the cost of repair will be burdened solely by the Tenant. This includes damages to wallpaper, furniture, linen, lighting, air conditioning, kitchen appliances or anything else in the Suite, which does not belong to the Tenant and in public areas, which belong to uniHALLS or to other Tenants. Any interference to the Suite including hanging signs, picture frames and/or any other similar interventions will also be considered as damage to the premises.


  • It is the Tenant’s exclusive responsibility to maintain the Suite and veranda clean and in excellent condition. However, uniHALLS provides cleaning services at a small extra charge, upon request. The management retains the right to check the Suite without notice, when the cleanliness of the Suite begins to affect the hygiene of the premises and/or other Tenants. In the case that the Suite is observed not to be in a state of reasonable cleanliness, the management reverses the right to deploy the cleaning service. In such circumstances all cost arising will be solely burdened by the Tenant.


  • It is the Tenant’s exclusive responsibility to remove all their own garbage and deposit it in the designated spaces outside of the building. If during the removal of garbage any soiling or dirtiness is created in the communal spaces, hallways or elevator, the Tenant is obligated to clean it immediately. In the case that the Tenant refuses to do so, he/she will be charged the relevant cleaning service. The Tenant is strictly forbidden to leave its garbage outside the door in the corridors and/or balconies and verandas.


  • Tenants carry responsibility for their visitors while they are staying in the premises of uniHALLS, meaning that Tenants are responsible for any damages or upheavals caused by their visitors. If the management receives any complaints about the behavior of a visitor, then the specific person will be removed from our premises immediately.
  • Overnight visitors are only permitted after the Tenant informs the reception and after the Owner’s written consent is obtained. The consent regards free accommodation of maximum 2 persons and the duration of less than 3 days per visit. During the induction week relatives (only) are welcome to stay for an extended duration of 5 days. Tenants carry responsibility for their visitors during their stay in the premises of uniHALLS.
  • The studio is for one person and cohabitation is not allowed.

Suite and suite content:

  • Upon receipt of the Suite, the Tenant MUST inspect it and sign all the relevant administration documentation, including the INVENTORY FORM indicating the furniture and equipment included in the Suite. The Tenant must deliver the possession of the Suite back to the Owner in the same condition as he/she received it and is responsible to pay compensation for any damages and/or losses to the Suite and its contents (except those resulting from normal wear and tear). At the expiration or termination of the Tenancy Agreement, the Tenant must immediately remove all his/her personal belongings from the uniHALLS premises.

Delivery of possession of the suite:

  • The Tenant must deliver the possession of the Suite to the Owner promptly in the same condition that he had received it at the beginning of the Tenancy and is responsible for the payment of compensation for any damage created on the Property except for normal ageing, ordinary use, fair wear and tear. Upon the expiration of the Tenancy Agreement and upon delivery of possession of the Suite, the Tenant must remove all of his/her personal belongings, thoroughly clean the Suite, hand over all the cards which he/she has in his/her possession and sign all relevant documents. Delivery of the possession of the suites will be subject to the availability of the authorized staff, Monday-Friday from 09.00 to 21.00. 


  • Pets are strictly prohibited in the Suites and all public areas of the uniHALLS premises.


Any modification/alteration to the Suite, veranda and/or communal areas is strictly prohibited. Specifically the following actions are not allowed:
  • Painting or alterations on the walls of all uniHALLS areas.
  • Placing/fitting dividers/partitions and/or any other modification and/or alteration action.
  • Any installation of equipment that is carried out without the written consent of the Owner and can cause security, safety and/or functionality problems.

Laundry rooms:

  • uniHALLS premises are equipped with coin operated self-service laundry facility for the exclusive use of Tenants. uniHALLS management has the responsibility for managing the place. For the smooth operation of the washing machines and tumble dryers, Tenants are responsible to report any problem to the authorized staff immediately. In case of lost or damage items of clothing the managements does not carry any responsibility.

Underground parking:

  • Tenants who own vehicles and have secured a parking bay in the basement, will park their vehicle in the designated parking areas only. The transfer of resident parking bays to a third person or the redistribution of parking spaces without the approval of the Administration of uniHALLS is strictly prohibited. Management may, at any time and without notice reallocate Tenants parking bays than the one described in the Tenancy Agreement. In case of any loss and/or damage in the underground parking the Owner bears no responsibility or liability.

Parking for Motorbikes and Bicycle:

  • There is a designated area on the ground floor of building B for bicycle and motorbike parking. The management has the right to remove bicycles or motorbikes that are parked in front of the entrance doors and/or stairs of the building and/or anywhere else except the designated areas. In case of loss and/or damage of motorbikes/bicycles the Owner bears no responsibility or liability.


  • uniHALLS premises are equipped with a fitness room for the exclusive use of Tenants. The Management is responsible for the maintenance of the gym. Tenants are responsible to immediately inform the authorized staff for any operating problems and/or maintenance problems and/or damage to equipment. The subscription to the gym is free for the Tenants of uniHALLS, but the purchase of an entrance card is at the price of €20 (twenty euro) and is required. The Owner does not bear any responsibility for use of the gym and states that there is no supervisor on duty in this area. Tenants acknowledge that the use of the gymnasium is at their own risk.

Common Areas – Elevators – Cafeteria:

Any alterations or interference in public areas such as:
  • Wall painting or engraving,
  • Hanging up posters, pictures or announcements,
  • Placement of any partitions or any other installations,
  • Altering aesthetics of the building are strictly prohibited
Tenants are obliged to respect and keep all the common areas clean.

Quiet Hours:

  • Quiet hours are set from 23:00 until 07:00, and should be respected by everyone. All Tenants should respect their fellow students and not cause any uproar.


  • We promise that we will provide you a high standard of service and that our employees will always show you respect. We expect a mutual respect from your side. The management will not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse against any staff member. Any unacceptable behavior against any staff member may lead to the termination of this Tenancy Agreement. All Tenants are obligated to follow the verbal supervision of the management team and the security guards.


uniHALLS premises facilitates a 24/7 security service through the following means:
  • On-building surveillance team, which are trained to be responsive in any incident.
  • CCTV cameras in and out of the premises.
  • A 24-hr Control center.
  • Electronic card readers on all the main entrances of the building including door locks with card reader and an advance fire alarm system with full compliance of the fire department. All tenants should take care not to open the doors to strangers, and should check that the doors are fully closed when they are entering or exiting the premises.


  • We do not carry any responsibility in the case of damage and/or loss and/or stealing of any belongings/vehicle/bike on or within the premises of uniHALLS.

Lost Cards:

  • In a case of a lost card it is the tenants’ responsibility to inform the authorized staff promptly. The management will immediately cancel the lost card and will create a temporary one, which will be valid for 3 days. This is a grace period for the tenant to find the originally lost card. For the creation and verification of a new, labeled card the tenant will be asked to pay an administration fee of €20 (Twenty Euros) to cover reprinting of a new card.

Food deliveries:

  • Tenants are responsible to receive their food delivery orders outside of the premises. Entrance to the building is prohibited to strangers and non-residents.

Modifications to the terms and conditions:

  • The Administration may, at any time and without notice, amend these terms and conditions. In this case, all amendments will become an integral part of the Tenancy Agreement.

Instructions for Tenants by the management:

  • All Instructions issued by the management from time to time are also to be considered as part of the site regulations. Violation of these instructions will lead to ramifications, as described above.
  • has been created for uniHALLS residents. Residents may enter the website using their credentials. Credentials will be sent via email at the same time as signing the Tenancy Agreement. Via unihallsres portal, Tenants can report damages, problems, follow up their account balance, order extra services and/or get a news update. We have invested in this technology so that all problems, complaints, orders or maintenance issues can be reported and tracked. Failure to use this system may result in issues not being recorded and therefore a satisfactory resolution not being delivered.

Terms acceptance:

  • The Tenant’s Terms and Conditions are given to each Resident at the signing of the Tenancy Agreement. The Tenant’s signature on the Tenancy Agreement creates an irrefutable and irrevocable fact that he/she has read and fully understood the Terms and Conditions that he/she will follow and comply with during his/her stay at uniHALLS.

with Legal address:
14 Porfyriou Dikaiou 2414, Egkomi, Nicosia, Cyprus


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