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Reservation fee / Cancelation policy

In order to complete a booking for a suite or a 2-bedroom flat (the “Suite”) at any Unihalls student residences, you will be required to prepay an amount as a reservation fee (the “Reservation Fee”) through our on-line booking system or manually in person for on-site bookings. The Reservation Fee is a consideration for the reservation of the Suite in your favour, until the signing of a formal lease agreement (the “Lease Agreement”) between yourself, as the tenant and R.A. Halls Society Limited or Rotos Building Society Limited, as the landlord (the “Landlord”).

The Reservation Fee is non-refundable. The Reservation Fee is refundable only in case where the Landlord is unable to provide you accommodation at Unihalls, in which case the Reservation Fee will be refunded in full, without interest.

After you have effected payment of the non-refundable Reservation Fee and you have completed your booking, your guarantor and yourself will have 5 (five) working days to electronically sign the Lease Agreement. If you and/or your Guarantor have failed to sign the Lease Agreement within the aforementioned period, the Landlord reserves the right, without any further notice, to proceed with the cancelation of your booking and retain the Reservation Fee. In such a case, you, the tenant, acknowledge and agree that the Reservation Fee will not be refunded, and the Landlord will be entitled to promote and /or rent the Suite to any other person. No omission, on the part of the Landlord, to exercise or delay in exercising the right or power to cancel your booking, provided by the present policy, shall constitute a waiver of such right or power or impair such right or power.

Upon the signing of the Lease Agreement, the Reservation Fee will be used to cover the amount of the security deposit (the “Deposit”) and the tenancy of the Suite will be governed by the provisions of the Lease Agreement.

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