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What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files of letters and numbers that are saved on users’ computer, smartphone or any other device when they visit a website or use an application. They are widely used in order to make websites work more efficiently and provide information to the owners of the website. There are two categories of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are automatically deleted when the user closes the browser or the application, whereas persistent cookies stay on users’ computer until their expiration or until they delete them from their cache. Our websites use persistent cookies.

How and why do we use Cookies on our websites?
uniHALLS uses cookies to identify users and distinguish them from other users of our websites. They help us understand how the users make use of our websites in order to offer our visitors an overall better experience and improve the functionality and user-friendliness of our websites. The information provided by cookies on our websites can also be used by third parties for functional and/or advertising purposes.

What types of cookies do we use?
On uniHALLS websites we use the following types of cookies:

Strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are required in order to enable the operation of our websites and should be accepted by the users so that the websites can work. These cookies are used for authentication, security, localization or e-billing purposes.

Performance cookies. These cookies allow us to recognize and measure the number of visitors and to see how visitors navigate in our websites. This type of cookies helps us to provide the users with more user-friendly websites, ensuring that they are easy to use and that they can easily find what they are looking for. These cookies are optional and the users can turn them off whenever they want.

Functional cookies. Functional cookies are essential for our websites to operate. They also help us recognize the user when he/she comes back to our websites. By enabling them, the users help us to personalize the website content (by storing and remembering his/her preferences) and thus improve our websites’ functionality.
For example, we use Google Analytics to track and record the performance of our websites and monitor any disruption in service and system outage that might occur. We do not collect or store any personal data through Google Analytics. Other examples are Login Details, where we use them to give the users the option to remember their credentials in order to avoid  reentering their username and password each time they visit the uniHALLS student portal. These types of cookies are all fundamental to ensure our websites is working properly. Users can turn off these cookies anytime by visiting their browser settings or application settings. However, in case they choose to block all cookies (including essential cookies) they may not be able to access all or parts of our websites.

Targeting cookies. We use these cookies to record users’ visit to our websites and the pages and/or links they have visited. We then use this data to make our websites and the advertising material found on it more relevant to their preferences and interests. We may share this information with other parties such as our advertising agencies and/or advertising companies. Users have the option to turn these cookies off at anytime.
We have the right to make amendments and/or periodically update our Cookies Policy. Please refer to this policy from time to time to review it and read new additional information.

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