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Terms and Conditions of Prepayment Amount/ Deposit
When you apply for accommodation and book a suite or 2-bedroom flat at any uniHALLS property, you must prepay a fee/deposit through our on-line booking system (or manually in person for on-site bookings). The prepayment amount/deposit is non-refundable unless we are unable to offer you accommodation at our premises. In that case we will refund it in full. To proceed to the cancellation of your booking you must tell us in writing by sending us an email to
Your prepayment amount/deposit will convert to a security deposit guarantee at the commencement of the Tenancy Period, once you, the Tenant, have signed the Tenancy Agreement. Your deposit will be held in a separate bank account and will be used as security against any damage to the Suite, flat or the common areas of the Property (normal wear and tear are excluded), any damage to the fixtures and fittings or other equipment provided in the Suite and any unpaid Rent or other charges incurred during the duration of your Tenancy.

The balance of the deposit will be returned to you, the Tenant, without interest 7 (seven) working days after the termination/expiration, after deducting any reasonable costs incurred for the breach of any obligation under the Tenancy Agreement. The said amount will be returned to you either with a bank transfer to a designated bank account (in this case you, the Tenant, will be charged with the relevant bank transfer charges) or with a cheque. It is important to understand that when you apply for accommodation and book a suite, you are entering into a legal agreement with the Landlord and are liable for the full rent due for the whole Tenancy Period.

Cancellation of your booking by uniHALLS
After you complete your booking and pay the non-refundable deposit you and your Guarantor have 14 (fourteen) working days to sign your Tenancy Agreement and send it by post to the published address of the Property. If you and/or your Guarantor have failed to sign the Tenancy Agreement within the stated period, we may without any other notice, proceed to the cancellation of your booking. In that case, you, the Tenant acknowledges and agrees that the Landlord will suffer loss and therefore the said amount will not be refunded.

16 Porfyriou Dikaiou,
2414, Egkomi, Nicosia
Tel: 77 77 04 04
Admin: +357 22 21 00 04