Rent & Payments

To find out how much each room costs, select the property you’re interested in and you’ll find all the details there.
The quick answer is everything! All your utility bills (electricity, gas, water), high-speed broadband and Wi-Fi, cable TV channels, communal expenses and council taxes are included. Use of common spaces, 24hr CCTV, maintenance service and a friendly front-office team are also included in our all-inclusive rates.
The laundry of your clothes, the car park and any snacks and drinks from the vending machines are at your own cost. You can also book your room cleaning and buy bedding, towels and kitchen utensils at great prices.
When you make a reservation at Unihalls you will be asked to pay the Reservation Fee (depending on the payment plan you choose) and any other extras you choose at the time of booking. If you make the reservation online, you should pay through our secure payment server. In case you choose to book either on-site or by phone you can also pay by cash or bank cheque.
Your rent should be paid at the specified pre-determined dates. To find out when your installments are due, select the property you’re interested in and the preferred room type, choose the number of installments you wish to pay your yearly rent and you’ll find all the details there.
You can take advantage of discounted rates if you choose to pay the yearly fee in 1 or 2 installments. 
Your rent is due according to the number of installments you have chosen to pay the yearly fee. Installment dates are stated clearly in your lease agreement, but don’t worry we are sending out payment reminders in advance of every installment due date.
You can pay your rent by bank transfer to the bank account of the Landlord, the details of which are specified in your Lease Agreement. Please note that bank transfers can take up to 5 working days to clear into our bank account and also make sure to include the student’s name and room number as a payment reference.
Alternatively, you can pay at reception in person by cash or bank cheque.
Your installment due dates are outlined clearly in your lease agreement and by signing your contract, both tenant and guarantor are accepting responsibility for payment on the dates provided. If you are unable to pay on the specified dates please come and talk to us; we may be able to help out by delaying your payment.
A guarantor is a third party such as a parent or guardian who ensures that you pay your rent on time and he/she agrees to pay it if you don’t pay. By signing the lease agreement, the guarantor’s liabilities also extend to all the other conditions under the tenancy such as any damage caused to the property. Please note that your guarantor’s details are collected as part of the booking process.

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