Moving Out

Before you move out there are a couple of things you have to do. Book well in advance your check-out inspection, pack up your stuff, throw all the rubbish in designated bins and clean thoroughly all spaces. Please make sure that you leave your room completely empty and without any damages.
The latest you can check-out is 12pm on the last day of your Lease Agreement (subject to availability of check-out appointments). Please ensure that you book your check-out inspection slot well in advance, as we are really busy during that time. Check-out inspections are carried out ONLY Monday-Friday from 09.00 to 18.00.
No, for health and safety reasons all damages must be repaired by the expert maintenance team. Please let us know for any maintenance issues by reporting them through the residents’ portal.
Provided that you don’t break anything and you follow all the terms and conditions. Deposit will be refunded within 25 working days after check-out.
Yes, you can, provided that you have a valid tenancy covering that period in the same room. We just ask you to throw any food and/or rubbish and clean your room before you leave for holidays. Please have in mind that during summer holidays we might need to carry out several maintenance works in the rooms.

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