Living at uniHALLS

uniHALLS is an ideal place to live if you wish to pursue your academic life boasting unrivalled locations close to University of Nicosia, St George’s Medical School (Cyprus Branch), European University or The Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics . uniHALLS provides a perfect and safe environment in order to ensure our residents can obtain maximum benefit from all aspects of university life.

The above website is exclusively for the use of uniHALLS residents. They can login using their username and password. Through the website they are able to:

  • Report maintenance problems
  • File a complaint
  • View their statement account
  • Order extra facilities
  • Get informed for any news & events

uniHALLS has a dedicated maintenance team on site to keep everything running smoothly.  We aim to respond to your problem in a timely manner and wherever possible will complete a repair during the first visit. Of course, this isn’t always possible and there are times when parts need to be ordered or external contractors arranged – in these instances we aim to keep you updated with the progress of the issue as much as possible.

In case you have a maintenance issue you have to report it at

In case of emergency maintenance problems you are kindly requested to immediately inform the front office clerk either in person or by calling at +35722210004.

Overnight visitors are only permitted after the Tenant informs the reception and after the Owner’s written consent is obtained. The consent regards free accommodation of maximum 2 persons and the duration of less than 3 days per visit. During the induction week relatives (only) are welcome to stay for an extended duration of 5 days. Tenants carry responsibility for their visitors during their stay in the premises of uniHALLS.

The studio is for one person and cohabitation is not allowed. You cannot sublet your studio/suite to another person.

Here at uniHALLS we take your safety very seriously. That’s why we have a dedicated security team who is responsible to offer assistance when the need arises.

Additionally, the facilities are equipped with electronic door entry systems, intercoms and CCTV cameras to ensure that uniHALLS offers a high standard of security and the safest possible environment for our residents.

Monday-Friday from 09.00-21.00.

We are closed on weekends and public holidays.

Our staff is not just there to upkeep the property; they want to make the experience of living at uniHALLS to be enjoyable for all residents. Our staff has years of experience in dealing with a range of issues and can usually assist with offering advice to help residents overcome those initial adaptation problems.

You are responsible for keeping your own space clean. It’s our responsibility to clean daily the other communal areas like hallways, common areas and reception. Doing your own cleaning is an important part of living on your own. We do also offer a cleaning services for you to order at an extra cost (please contact front desk or visit for more details).

Always, it depends from the device. High voltage devices, such as portable heaters or microwaves usually cause problems. Therefore, before bringing any device you have to get the relevant permission from authorized staff.

To be noted that the use of wi-fi rooters is forbidden and if any is found will be automatically deactivated by uniHALLS IT staff and the corresponding penalty will be imposed.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all indoor areas. However, all studios and suites have a balcony or veranda.

We are an independent private company, not part of any university, but we have excellent working relationships with all the universities whose students we look after.

We love pets but unfortunately they are not permitted in the residence halls. An exception is fish in a small aquarium.

Meeting new people from all walks of life is one of the greatest things about being at university. Living in student accommodation halls means that you are part of a big student community and have the chance to meet lots of people and make plenty of friends.

To begin with, you can like our Facebook page, a great way to meet people before you arrive at your new accommodation and to build relationships once you are there.





14 Porfyrios Dikaios street,
2414, Egkomi, Nicosia, Cyprus

00357 22 210004 / 77770404