About us

We built every inch of uniHALLS with passion and love, because we know that the place you live has a gradual impact on how you think and your perspective in life.  For us, uniHALLS is an experiment, of how people from different backgrounds can merge together and be happy. Unlike others, we don’t regard students as clients; we value our tenants as partners. We aim to offer you an experience, we aim to create value to your student life, we aim to make uniHALLS feel like home.
uniHALLS is a project which applies functionality, design and aesthetics to a range of facilities, a development that combines innovation and modernization in its holistic view. An establishment which is located in a strategically selected position, chosen in order to serve best the students in terms of proximity. The suites are exclusively devoted to the new generation, unique in design, practical in use and affordably luxurious.  It is an impressive building which is now a landmark, an eye-catching venue for all the pedestrians.

We strongly believe on our means, so we make you an offer that you cannot refuse.

Excellent Value
At uniHALLS, fully inclusive features come with great prices:

  • High-Speed broadband
  • Onsite Maintenance service
  • 24-Hour security
  • Utility bills (no hidden charges)
  • Gym
  • Cable T.V. channels
  • Range of wide choices (15 different types of studios and 2-bedroom suites)
  • Design

We are willing to serve students with consistency and passion. We are committed to provide you a secure, safe and comfortable accommodation. We target to promote creativity into a dynamic environment in order to ensure our students can obtain maximum benefit from all aspects of university life. It is our duty to keep you well-informed and spiritual enlightened during your journey as a student. We promise to work hard in order to create an atmosphere of trust and comfort, where our tenants can accomplish their academic goals. We exert to maintain the culture of respect, acceptance and equality. We accommodate students from different cultures, and we are committed to embrace diversity and fairness for all of our students.

Our vision is to create a student accommodation so unique that can stand out.  The modern design of our property has established uniHALLS as the top choice for the students. By doing slow but big steps forward, we orientate to drive our ambition and our services to the top-tier.

  • Development started at the beginning of 2013 and whole project was completed at the end of 2016.
  • 300 autonomous en-suite rooms with their own kitchenette. A range of 15 different types of studios and 2-bedroom suites, which differ in size, style and amenities.
  • Over our short history, we are proud to declare a high turnover occupancy rate, as for a great period of time we have 100% capacity and a big waiting list for potential residents.
  • The eccentric design, and the progressive architecture, accompanied with the smart usage of natural elements and the cutting edge technology establishes uniHALLS as a groundbreaking service and as oneof its kind in the Middle East and Mediterranean Europe.
  • In March 2016, uniHALLS received its very first nomination in the category Green Building at the 5th Cyprus Environmental Awards.
  • In January 2016, Rotos_unity Food and Beverage court has hosted its very first clients. The F&B court is located next to uniHALLS main building and is a part of the development.
  • uniHALLS is in close proximity to all the major academic institutions of the area in particular:
    • Less than 2-minute walk to the University of Nicosia
    • Less than 4-minute walk to the The Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics
    • Less than 7-minute walk to St. George’s University of London (Cyprus brand)
    • Less than 15-minute walk to European University





14 Porfyrios Dikaios street,
2414, Egkomi, Nicosia, Cyprus

00357 22 210004 / 77770404